Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art.” – Richard Avedon

Photographers I admire:

Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Peter Beard & Annie Leibovitz, to name a few

Magnet Studio Images:

After years of travel and designing building and places as an architect, I’ve turned my eye toward making images. Images that focus on female forms and faces, attempting to capture the individual strengths and vulnerability each woman bring to the shoot. I’m inspired by the boundless generosity, diversity and honest beauty these models bring to their efforts. Photographing artistic nudes and creating portraits reveals each subject’s inherent fierceness and striking individual beauty. Every shoot is unique, the outcome is never certain, but often the results can capture your attention and leave you wondering about who this person is.

I’m drawn to the structural interaction that rope and lingerie has on the female body. Through these photographic studies I’m exploring how to see what is directly in front of me. I’m really looking at the places in between as much as the curve and texture of skin and muscle. Model and photographer interact with each other, changing places as follower and leader throughout the shoot, deliberate but unscripted. As an architect, the opposite is true. I was looking at how create buildings and places to have deliberate outcomes, to shape the spaces around us and the area between, creating the places we occupied and live in. My goal is to capture each model as the force that acts on the space around her.

With this site I’m interested in creating a collection of images that capture these ideas through portraits, art nudes, bodies in nature, bodies bound with rope and clad in opaque or sheer layers. Playing with light, shade and shadow, positive and the negative space to reveal three-dimensionality, mood, as well as lasting connection with the viewer.

Presently, the work is weighted heavily toward black and white in this early collection of images. As time allows, I’ll introduce more work in color to show the natural beauty and diversity of the remarkable models I’ve been honored to shoot with.

Please send me a note if you are interested in aquiring information about scheduling a shoot or purchasing work from the portfolio.